So have you retweeted what could be the starriest-ever selfie?

Yeah, it was pure stunt, but Ellen DeGeneres' Oscar selfie shared 'round the world did do something almost unheard of in Hollywood: It caught a clutch of A-listers looking gosh-darn-it goofy.

There's Julia Roberts, her famous grin a little lopsided. There's Meryl Streep gushing about her first tweet (as she told the audience), her mouth awkwardly, gloriously agape, her right hand gripping DeGeneres' shoulder. There's Angelina Jolie, her waving arm all but obscuring her face. There's Brad Pitt, flashing a crooked smirk. There's Jennifer Lawrence cocking her neck at not the most flattering angle. There'sLupita Nyong'o, craning to get in the shot. And there's Kevin Spacey and Jared Leto, looking like photobombers.

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Julia's hair is in her face. Jared looks a little maniacal. Ellen — whose camera was, not surprisingly, a Galaxy Note 3 from Samsung, an official Oscar sponsor — looks genuinely giddy.

And there's the photog himself, a stooping Bradley Cooper. "If only Bradley's arm was longer," DeGeneres tweeted. "Best photo ever. #oscars"

In agreement: 2.49 million people, and counting — so many, so quickly that Twitter briefly crashed. In fact, DeGeneres' pic has become the most retweeted post ever, almost doubling the previous record holder for most retweets, President Barack Obama's 2012 "four more years" relection photo.

Contributing: Eli Blumenthal

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