Will you be watching the Oscars Sunday night? I will for sure because I am a fan of Ellen DeGeneres, who's hosting for the second time after a seven-year hiatus.

It's too bad she had to wait so long between gigs but, if the preview commercials are any indication, she will easily walk the line between funny and edgy. Remember when she went into the audience and asked Steven Spielberg to take a picture with her cellphone of her and Clint Eastwood?

Are there Oscar moments that stand out in your mind? I can think of several. This is the 86th annual Academy Awards, so there is plenty of fodder from previous programs.

I think one of the strangest was when Marlon Brando won for The Godfather. Instead of showing up himself, he sent Native American Sacheen Littlefeather to accept the award instead. She talked about the plight of the American Indian.

Speaking of making political statements, when Jane Fonda won in 1972 as leading actress for Klute, a time when she was known as Hanoi Jane for her stance on the Vietnam War, she didn't use the podium for her cause but did talk about it to reporters backstage.

A documentary win for filmmaker Michael Moore -- Bowling for Columbine -- back in 2003 saw him speak out against then-President George W. Bush's actions regarding the war in Iraq.

But comic moments at the Oscars are much more memorable.

Movie star and one-time heavyweight boxer Jack Palance, then 73, surprised everyone with his one-armed push-ups and risqué humor at the 1992 Oscars when he won for City Slickers.

If you are an Oscar-watcher, you will remember host Billy Crystal's Hannibal Lecter skit at the 64th Academy Awards or how about Ben Stiller's presentation of the Oscar for Best Makeup when he came out with a blue face, Indian braids and oddly shaped pig ears.

Then there was when Roberto Benigni won for Best Foreign Language Film at the 71st Academy Awards and walked atop the seat backs over people to get to the stage.

And no one has ever topped Cher's barely-there outfit and headdress at the 58th Academy Awards.

But the best Oscar moment? That had to be when Robert Opel, 34, streaked naked (that's redundant, I know, but some youngster might not know what streaking is) across the stage and flashed a peace sign at the 46th Academy Awards.

The ultimate, smooth put-down came from host David Niven, who said "The only laugh that man will ever get in his life is by stripping and showing off his shortcomings."

Enjoy the Oscars. If you want company, I'll bring the onion rings and whiskey sours.

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