As the "Biggest Loser" celebrates its 15th season, we here at Channel 3 are continuing to celebrate your weight loss success stories in Northeast Ohio.


Brittany Chafer had to deal with her weight gain after a major life event.

"My story is that after I gave birth to my first son, I continued to gain weight. My health started to deteriorate because of my poor condition I was in. A few months after my son turned 1 year old, he started to walk, which turned into running. I quickly realized that I wanted to be able to play with him and have fun with him, but I was unable to in my current condition."

Chafer decided she had to make a change. In March of this year she joined a boot camp program, but admits she was hesitant.

"I was nervous about joining because I was in such horrible shape, but I refused to let that get to me. I continued to go and was also provided with excellent nutrition plans to help me get into the right path."

She never weighed herself prior to joining the program, but six weeks after she first stepped on the scale and learned she she lost 27 pounds!

"I did not stop there. After seven months, I have lost 73 pounds and I continue to work towards my 83 pound goal!"


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