As the "Biggest Loser" celebrates its 15th season, we here at Channel 3 are continuing to celebrate your weight loss success stories from right here in Northeast Ohio.

Robyn Caporossi, from Orange, tells us that her weight issues started back when she was a little girl.

"Back in 2nd or 3rd grade, I was definitely heavier than my peers and my friends and I got called names. And that hurts and I don't want to see that happen to my children."

Robyn did try over the years to conquer her weight.

"As I got older, my mother was that kind of mother to try and get me to lose weight and feel good. She sent me to weight loss camps, diet programs and exercise classes. None of it worked."

As the years went by and she continued to gain weight, Robyn hit a breaking point.

Rewind to two and half years ago.

"I weighed 339 pounds and I just had it. I was getting ready for a wedding, I was in my bathroom and I just broke down. I said, 'This is it! Today I have to start.'"

Robyn decided to lose the weight through "health and fitness."

"I ended up meeting a personal trainer – Stavros Kokkas from Fitt-Well. It actually took me 6 months to get going and once I got going , I'm here today to say – I lost 179 pounds and still going very strong!"

Robyn says that her goal is work off another 20 pounds!


We would love to hear about your "Cleveland's Biggest Loser" weight loss success story.

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