As the Biggest Loser celebrates its 15th season, we here at Channel 3 are continuing to celebrate your weight loss success stories from right here in Northeast Ohio.

Jamie Johnston's battle with her weight goes way back. "I've always been over weight. I joke that I was underweight once in my life because I was born premature and I only weighed 5 pounds!"

She said she always felt she would be heavy. "In College I was always the overweight funny girl."

Years later she came to a decision. "I got married and my Husband and I built our house and I felt like I got to a good point in my life where could start to focus on me." Jamie was sitting around the dinner table one night with her husband, Dana, when she casually said "You know I think I'm going to try Weight Watchers." Dana was supportive and reassured her "He loves her they way she is" but he would encourage her in her decision. Jamie has been fueled by the encouragement from her family from the very beginning.

In August of 2011, Jamie weighed in at 350 pounds at her first meeting. Today, Dana has lost of total of 183 pounds!

Jamie has taken to running and has medaled in quite a few races including 2 Susan B. Komen 5k's and The Dash for Dads Run where Jamie ran a 7 minute 12 second pace and was the first woman to cross the finish line.

The Johnston's are an amazing team. "My husband and I have lost 280 pounds together!"

Both Jamie and her husband are committed to keep the weight off for good.

We would love to hear about your "Cleveland's Biggest Loser" weight loss success story.

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