The Biggest Loser is now in its 15th season and we here at Channel 3 are celebrate the weight loss success stories from right here in Northeast Ohio.

Six years ago, Julie and David Miller were married. They both knew they needed to get in better shape, but the real motivation kicked in for Julie in November 2012.

"It was about a year ago I went to the doctor and I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. My doctor told me it was now or never. I need to lose some weight or I have to put you on diabetic medicine."

She and her husband decided to make the journey together and Dave admits he needed to take off some weight.

"On January 3 I was 369 pounds. Everyday day tasks winded me. I'd tie my shoes and I get up and be out of breath."

Julie knows the feeling.

So the Millers joined a local gym and started a program to get their health on track. They also found direction and motivation on a free Web site called www.sparkpeople.com that provides exercise advice along with eating and nutrition tips.

So how far have Julie and Dave come since Jan. 3?

"It is less than a year when we started and I've lost almost 90 pounds! I've lost 88 pounds as of right now today"

Dave has also seen incredible results.

"I was 369 pounds when we started. I'm at 232 today. So it's about 137 pounds."

Julie adds, "Together we've lost almost 220 pounds."

You can see the determination in Dave's eyes.

"And the journey's not over. We're still going."

Both Julie and David have come a long way and Julie can'y help but smile.

"I feel energetic," she says. "I feel great. I look good in clothes. I feel happy to shop!"


We would love to hear about your "Cleveland's Biggest Loser" weight loss success story.

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