Jeff Mauro of The Food Network recently shot a segment at Danny's Deli and declared their sandwich tops.


Cleveland is known for its harsh winters, its great museums, Lake Erie and now ...

"The best corned beef in the country. Hands down."

Jeff Mauro of The Food Network recently shot a segment at Danny's Deli, and when he was asked to name his favorite sandwiches in the country, Danny's was named for the best corned beef.

"We got New York, Chicago and Cleveland. And Jeff Mauro was impressed with us more than Chicago," said Tony Gerges, Danny's Deli owner.

But it wasn't just the quality of the sandwich that was judged.

"He asked the people, they said good service, good food … quality … reasonable price. … They enjoy that," Gerges said.

Danny's has been pleasing its customers since 1978, and their recipe for their corned beef hasn't changed since then. But, you can have it "your way."

"We slice it thick, we slice it thin. What you want, we make," Gerges said.

"Very tasty, very lean, nice and messy. I love it," said one customer.

"Smile says it all," said another.

"Everyone is absolutely wonderful," said another.

"Good atmosphere. Usually fun here," said another.

"They like it cause we make it with love! Ha!" said an employee.

And what does Gerges think about the being honored as one of the best?

"We're good. I'm not going to say we're the best, (but) we're good," Gerges said. "I think I'm very proud of it!"

Danny's Deli is located at St. Clair Avenue and East 17th Street.

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