MANTUA, OH-- The 50th wedding anniversary is known as the golden anniversary for a reason. But instead of giving the gift of gold, one local husband chose a more creative way to shower his wife with love.

Phillip Derthick had a corn maze designed in their honor on their farm in Mantua, Ohio as a way to surprise his wife for their 50th anniversary.

It caught his wife, Marie, by surprise. The maze, which took months to design and a day to cut into the field, is 17 acres in size, has three separate maze trails, and is truly made in their image.

The maze is designed with the churchwhere they weremarried, the picture of their wedding photo, and Mr. Derthick's favorite tractor.

This isn't the first time the Derthicks have designed a maze on their farm. In the past, they've had a maze designed after the Browns and Steelers, the World Trade Twin Towers, and even John Glenn, famous Ohio former astronaut and former senator.

If you are planning to tackle the maze, there are checkpoints to let keep you on track. There is evena "Farm Scene Investigation" game patrons can play while they travel the maze.

As for next year's plan for a maze, the Derthick's say that's a secret!

If you are interested in visiting the Derthick's maze it's located at 5182 State Route 82 in Mantua, Ohio. For reservations of groups over 15 or party information call 330-414-1180.