Last second gifts with up to 90% off magazine subscriptions and spa discounts.


CLEVELAND, OH -- Today procrastination pays off in a huge way. Whether you're searching for a last minute deal for someone or yourself, today there are great savings to be found. My first pick is for one of the best magazine subscription sales I've ever seen. And if this is a last-second gift, I highly recommend picking up a magazine from a convenience store and wrapping that. Your recipient will know a magazine subscription is on the way.

The rest of my Top 10 list is based on viewer demand and all available up until the very last second. Want more deals? Follow @MattGranite on Twitter. Merry Christmas and Happy Savings. Ways to Save returns right here December 26th.

Amazing 60% - 90% Off Magazine Subscription Sale
Annual Magazine Subscriptions Starting at $6.99

1. Starbucks E-Gift Card
2. iTunes E-Gift Cards (give directly through iTunes)
3. Spa Gift Cards + 15% Off !!
4. Nook E-Gift Cards
5. Netflix E-Gift Cards
6. Ugg eGift Card
7. Old Navy eGift Card
8. Amex Gift Card + 50% off Purchase Fees (Amex required to purchase)
9. 6pm eGift Card
10. Golfsmith eGift Card
11. Kate Spade eGift Card

We receive absolutely no financial compensation for mentioning any product, company or deal. The only purpose of this segment is to save you money.

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