CLEVELAND -- We're busy people. We're used to being on the go and connected, and too often, even being on the road isn't enough to slow us down. Face it, we are driven to distraction.

"We, as women, are always on our phones. So I'm not really surprised," says one driver

Even though 98 percent of adults say they know that texting while driving isn't safe, and 60 percent say they never did it three years ago, 49 percent still admit to texting when they get behind the wheel.

Now here's where it gets interesting, compare that number to this: only 43 percent of teens admit to texting and driving.

As for the adults who insist on staying social while behind the wheel, 43 percentsay it's a habit.

Twenty-twopercent like to stay connected, and 18 percent say texting while driving makes them more productive.

But regardless of those numbers, the only number you need to remember is this, 23 percent.Nearly one quarter of all car accidents involve cell phones.

And in case you're wondering which sex is the biggest offender, 63 percent of women admit to texting while driving, compared to only 37 percent of men.

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