It's been the hottest summer to say "I do" and we're not talking popularity.

The dream of the outdoor wedding has to be held in hellish temperatures and that can lead to extra expenses.

"There was only one location that I really wanted to have it and it was all outdoors," says Marie Prentice, who got married July 6.

Marie says she was never the little girl who dreamed of her wedding day, but while she picked out flowers carefully, and designed the perfect dress, Marie also ran the numbers to minimize the chance for rain.

"July. I actually did the statistics of the least amount of rain. And July happens to be the month, so we figured let's do that," she said.

She held the wedding in the evening, figuring it would be cooler than during the day. But she didn't plan on the heat wave.

"I remember the day before and the 4th of July, the temperatures were over 100 degrees and that was without the heat index being included," she said.

Marie had to move her ceremony location to the shade, her expensive out-of-season peonies had to be stored with the beer, they ordered golf carts to shuttle guests to the main pavilion and they bought hundreds of bottled waters at the last minute.

The florist kept her van running so the flowers could stay in air conditioning and so did Marie's baker.

"I even said to my now-husband, 'I wonder if anyone will even show up?'"

Wedding planner Eileen Benson says she had 4 weddings the scorching week of 4th of July, all with major 11th hour changes. One wedding being held at a golf course even had the ceremony location shut down.

"It was 100 degrees andthe club manager called and said we're closing the patio. I really think we need to move the wedding in," she said.

Eileen says the couple had to pay extra at the last minute for a tent and bottled water. Luckily, no one passed out from heat exhaustion at any of her weddings.

And at Marie's wedding, guests not only showed up, but danced all night. Marie says she'll never remember the temperature, just a special moment she had been waiting for.

"Seeing him the first time ... That's all I'll remember."