CLEVELAND -- Four masked intruders barged into an Old Brooklyn house on West 49th Street Tuesday morning, demanded money, and shot and killedAntoine Sheffield, 25.

It's in a solid, working-class neighborhood unaccustomed to such violence.

Five youngchildren and four other adults were in the home when the killing happened.

Many neighbors said they were certain the home where the crime happened was being used to sell drugs and witnessed the negative impacton their neighborhood, which sports St. Patrick's day and Easter decorations.

Most were too scared to appear on camera.

They said there was a steady parade of customers day and night at the house and feared something like this would happen, with they or their children being caught in a crossfire.

City Councilman Kevin Kelley said trying to prevent similar future violent crimes has become one of his top priorities. He said nothing like this has happened in his ward while he's been in office.

He said a big problem is absentee landlords who don't do background checks on renters. He claims the landlord of the house where the shooting happened did not even know his tenants.

He vows to have the citycrack down on code violations on such properties and pressure landlords to research people they rent too.

Sheffield had a police record for minor offenses, like disorderly conduct and open container. A Channel 3 search found no drug charges or convictions.

Police confiscated suspected cocaine at the home.