CHAGRIN FALLS -- The 46th annual pumpkin roll down Grove Hill is history.

It was one of the shortest rolls in recent history, as police shut it down after about 45 minutes due to the slipperiness of the hill, multiple arrests and a few injuries, they said.

Tuesday afternoon, police gave an updated account of the arrests.

Police say that 10 teens between the ages of 16-17 were arrested for underage consumption of alcohol. One of those 10 -- a girl, 16 -- was also charged with escape.

One male student, 18, was charged with underage consumption of alcohol and possession of marijuana.

One teen was given a citation for underage consumption and one male student, 18, was cited for dumping debris in the roadway when he brought the truck filled with pumpkins to the top of Grove Hill.

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One adult fell on the slippery hill and was taken by the village fire department's rescue squad for treatment. A girl also sustained an abrasion to her head as well.

The roll started just before midnight Monday as Chagrin Falls High Schooljuniors and seniors dumped the pumpkins they had collected from yards the past several weeks.

It ended just after 12:40 a.m. Tuesday.

The last person on the hill was a young man with a flashlight. He had lost his keys on one of his trips down the hill. He and a few police officers scoured the hill, looking for keys "with a Michigan lanyard," he told them.

Miraculously, after about 15 minutes, he found them.

Other than the smashed pumpkins, one homeowner whose house is halfway up the hill had some damage done to his newly poured concrete driveway.

Although surrounded by a wooden snow fence, those sliding down the hill quickly veered off, striking the fence and toppling the fence onto the driveway's apron.

As roller after roller slide into that area, the homeowner pulled the fence down.

Police here also had mutual aid assistance from officers from Bentleyville, Moreland Hills and South Russell.

The point of the annual tradition is to gather pumpkins and then roll and smash them on the hill, that steep hill on Main Street at the north end of downtown Chagrin Falls.

It began as just rolling them and running away. It morphed over the years into smashing and rolling those pumpkins and then sliding down the hill in the pumpkin guts/slime left behind.

It all began in the fall of 1967 when members of the class of 1969 decided to gather 69 pumpkins and roll them down Grove Hill. Several members of the classes of 1970 and 1971 also helped gather pumpkins. One night around Halloween they drove to the top of Grove Hill, quickly dumped all the pumpkins, and drove off.

The number of pumpkins stacked atop the summit at the start of the roll has ranged from about 100 to an all-time high of 400 or so. The Class of 1979, however,says they collected 900 pumpkins.

Who cleans up?

Police cite the drivers who deliver the pumpkins to the top of the hill for "dumping debris on the roadway." Once the roll ends, the village's service department is called and bring out a front-end loader to scrape the debris from the roadway.

Rogue pumpkins that managed to roll all the way down the hill past Orange Street are gathered up by hand. Once all the pumpkin mess has been loaded into a dump truck, the hill will be hosed down and reopened.

Police will determine the cost of having the service department clean up the mess and then bill the drivers who delivered the pumpkins.

A collection is taken up among the students and given to the drivers to pay the bill.