CLEVELAND -- Ken Lanci, the businessman challenging Mayor Frank Jackson for mayor, is finishing his campaign by boycotting media coverage.

Lanci believes print and broadcast media have shortchanged his campaign and failed to fairly report on Cleveland's problems that still exist on Mayor Frank Jackson's watch.

He is upset by Jackson endorsements coming from the Plain Dealer and Crain's Cleveland Business.

He recently took out full-page ads in the Scene alternative newspaper to publish his take on his campaign and message and the media's treatment of him.

Lanci's been stressing issues of failing schools, joblessness and serious crime in Cleveland, claiming that Mayor Jackson has failed to make major improvements.

He points out that board members and leaders of many organizations supporting Jackson's campaign live in the suburbs and contends they might think differently if they had to deal with problems facing Clevelanders.

Media observers have noted Lanci's lack of concrete proposals and programs to remedy the issues he cites.

Lanci said his campaign newspaper will be available at 800 locations in Cleveland.

Most political insiders believe Jackson will win by a big margin.

Lanci says media will not be allowed at his election night event which will be invitation only.

He is predicting he will win.