FREMONT -- Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has ordered that a special grand jury be impaneled in Sandusky County to hear evidence regarding the March 2, 2012 death of Jacob Limberios, 19..

The grand jury could begin meeting as early as Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Visiting judge Dale Crawford removed local officials from the investigation in June, citing conflicts of interest in how it was being conducted. Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine was assigned to the investigation.

WKYC-TV and NBC are scheduled to broadcast two segments of the Dr. Phil show on Nov. 18-19 that deal with the Jacob Limberios story. Appearing on the show are Jacob's parents Mike and Shannon Limberios and witnesses Brittany Bowers and William Lewis.

Oct. 16 would have been Jacob's 21st birthday.

The grand jury will be overseen by Crawford and he has already ordered that investigators and attorneys involved keep all documents under seal. Public disclosure of grand jury testimony is prohibited by law, but information about who is called to testify is generally available in court documents during grand jury proceedings.

DeWine's office says the grand jury deliberations could extend several weeks.