Many political observers think we'll be playing another game of Election Limbo on Tuesday.

What's that?

It's another election where the outcomes of many races are almost overshadowed by the underwhelming turnout. As with the limbo, the question is, how low will we go?

In Cuyahoga County, there's an important Cleveland mayor's race. Many suburban mayors' jobs are on the line.

There are three important issues facing county voters..

The Health and Human Services Levy, the Port and the Cleveland Metroparks all have issues to be decided. In Cleveland, the library system is seeking money to preserve the system's standards.

Issue 1 will determine whether programs affecting children , seniors and many with serious medical issues can provide enough services. The Port issue affects job creation and the region's economy. And we all know what a treasure the Metroparks and Zoo are to the community.

Multiple school systems and cities are seeking new or renewed property tax or income tax dollars.

These leadership positions, these organizations, these spending priorities directly impact you and your family's budget, your children's education and your property value.

If you feel your own budget cannot be stretched to pay more taxes, if you feel agencies are not delivering the best service or have not streamlined their budgets, Tuesday's your chance to say "Enough."

Cuyahoga County Elections Chief Pat McDonald predicts just 25 percent of registered voters will cast early or Election Day ballots.

Just 11 percent of voters have asked for vote-by-mail ballots.

There's no Presidential campaign, governor's race or hot-button issue media blitz to rally us to the polls.

And 25 percent would not be a Cuyahoga County all-time low. In 2007, just 19 percent of voters sought their say.

Early voting makes it possible to cast a thoughtful ballot from the comfort of your recliner. How much time, energy and brainpower does that take?

Many don't vote because they don't think it will make a difference. They believe all politicians are inept or crooked and the two parties are more alike than not.

I've written many pre-election rants about why you should vote. It's like Monica Robins urging you to see the doctor or Kim Wheeler telling you to make sure your kids do their homework. What else would you expect from the political reporter?

Some think low turnout means people are content with the status quo. Polls say just the opposite. Voter, or no voter Tuesday, are you?

The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance ranks the United States No. 120 on a list of 169 countries ranked by voter turnout size.

We live in a democracy. Democracy is government by the people. And if the people don't vote because they don't care or are alienated, we're in trouble.

We are.

Vote Tuesday, if you haven't already.