CLEVELAND -- Ken Lanci, the wealthy businessman challenging Mayor Frank Jackson for mayor, has taken grief for serving hot dogs and hamburgers at events that the mayor and others deemed to be inappropriate.

Now in a turnabout, Lanci and his supporters sought to block a Saturday Voting Rally at the Board of Elections being held by Mayor Jackson's campaign, claiming that music and refreshments mentioned in some advertising would be attempts to influence those attending the event to vote for Jackson.

Lanci's campaign sought a court order Friday to modify or block the event.

Late Friday, Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Judge Nancy Fuerst ruled that Jackson's voting rally had all the proper permits and she is allowing it to go forward. Lanci said he will now holding a competing event.

Lanci is boycotting most media coverage for the remainder of the campaign, claiming it's been unfair and has given his claims, issues and proposals inadequate coverage.

He is distributing an alternative campaign newspaper citywide this weekend.

The Board of Elections will be open Saturday and Sunday for in-person early voting. It's the only location in the county that is.