Norwalk -- The city of Norwalk is cleaning up after high winds cut a path of destruction through town early Friday morning. Many are still without power.

The streets of Norwalk are filled with the sounds of chainsaws. Neighbors are cutting tree limbs, dragging debris and cleaning up all that Mother Nature left behind.

"We were asleep, all of a sudden you heard the rain and then it just sounded Iike a train coming through," said John Dendinger who has lived in his home for nearly 30 years.

All of Dendinger's trees in his backyard came crashing to the ground. Neighbors say the wind started at this tree service business, where it knocking down the concrete walls and sliced the metal roof into strips.

"We didn't really see anything. We came outside and everything was turned upside down, rolled around in the yard. Our tree was uprooted. At first couldn't come out of the back door, just roots up in the air," said resident Bill Ingersoll.

From here the winds cut a path through the neighborhood, knocked down power lines, blew out windows and uprooted a one hundred old oak tree, sending right onto this house.

"I thought the house was coming down, that's what it sounded like, it was a terrible thing, I've never been so scared in my life to be honest," said Norene Killingbeck.

Killingbeck has another fear. Her family is constantly going out for gasoline to power two generators. Inside, Norene's mom is passing away and needs oxygen and heat for her last days.

Neighbors are trying to clear a path to the utility poles in hopes of getting the power restored.

Despite the mess, they're grateful the winds only caused damage.

"Everyone is safe, no one got hurt, that's the main thing," said Dendinger.