Opening statements started Monday afternoon for the man accused of fatally shooting his wife in her hospital bed.

John Wise is charged with aggravated murder, murder and felonious assault.

He sat quietly in his wheelchair with his wedding ring still on his left hand. At one point he broke down in tears.

"He laid down and woke up in a nightmare," said defense attorney Paul Adamson.

In July of 2012, Barbara Wise suffered a aneurysm in her brain, leaving her unable to speak. Paramedics rushed her to Akron General Medical Center. Within a week, Barbara died in her hospital bed, not from her medial condition, but from a single gunshot wound to her head, at the hand of her own husband from a 9 mm semiautomatic pistol.

"When he gave eye to eye contact with me, I didn't have time to ask questions, I immediately went into action and tackled him," said security officer Rodney Sheppard.

Sheppard testified how he rustled the gun away from John Wise.

The prosecution says Wise never asked doctors about his wife's prognosis. They say he planned the murder, knowing it was wrong.

"At no time was his wife going to die, at no time was she going to be a vegetable, at no time was she in any pain, at no time did they tell Mr. Wise that she would not recover," said Prosecutor Brian Loprinzi.

But the defense paints Wise as a thoughtful man who loved his wife and honored her wish of not living in a vegetative state.

"Who in their right mind would do this in a hospital to someone they loved?" asked Adamson.

Only a person who was not mentally sane at the time, the defense argues.

Tomorrow, both sides will call psychologists to the stand to testify about Wise's mental state at the time of the shooting.