While Michelle Knight is sharing her story with Dr. Phil, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus are telling theirs to a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist.

Amanda and Gina, who have largely been silent on the details of their captivity, are also speaking out.

They're being interviewed for a book by Mary Jordan of the Washington Post.

Even though Michelle will not be participating in the book project, all three women are thought to have kept diaries documenting their experiences in captivity.

This book will detail how Amanda and Gina survived a decade of torture at the hands of Ariel Castro.

"I'm really drawn to the power of how people cope. You can't ever answer the question why people are so horrible to each other, but you can answer the question of when hardship happens, how do you get through it?" asks Mary Jordan.

And that is a question that thousands of people want to know.

Since the rescue of Amanda, Gina and Michelle, the world has been glued to the story of their survival.

We all cheered when we saw Amanda, up on stage and dancing at Roverfest back in July.

And we cheered again when Gina waved and gave a thumbs up at the Puerto Rican Parade in August.

All of Northeast Ohio feels vested in their recovery.

And a look at the most recent numbers from the Cleveland Courage Fund proves it.

The fund is a non profit set up to help Amanda, Gina, Michelle and Amanda's daughter.

As of September 3rd, 2013, the Courage Fund totaled $1.4 million.

Donations were made by 10,800 individual donors.

And as their stories become public, you can expect those numbers to grow.

There is no release date yet for the book on the Cleveland kidnappings.