AKRON -- HAZMAT crews were called to an Akron industrial park where an unknown chemical was spilled.

Around 1 p.m. Saturday, responders from the Akron Fire Deparment found the chemical had spilled and evacuated a building at Emerald Performace Materials at 240 W. Emerling Avenue. The company produces chemicals for other companies in the tire production industry.

Neighboring businesses and some homes in the area were also evacuated as a precaution. Railways in the area were also shutdown while the cleanup took place.

The HAZMAT team identified the chemical as isopropyl alcohol and butadiene. The two were in a vessel that overheated. The leak valve functioned properly -- spewing some of the container's contents.

Those that were evacuated have been allowed to return.

Crews left the scene about 4.5 hours after the incident began.

Capt. William Howe of the Akron Fire Department says that one employee of the company became nauseated by the fumes and was taken to the hospital for evaluation. He was in good condition.

Firefighters say that the spill was an accident.