KSU Police welcome Coco, the department's first K-9 officer.


KENT STATE -- Kent State Police has formed its first K-9 unit.

The force has welcomed Coco, a 2-year-old German Shepherd to the force. Coco is partnered with Office Anne Spahr.

KSU Police say Coco is mainly trained for explosives detection but is also trained in evidence search and recovery as well as tracking.

Coco came to KSU Police from a K-9 training academy in Wapakoneta. Portage County has one other K-9 unit trained in explosives detection besides Coco.

"If Kent State receives a bomb threat, we are better able to respond to the threat in a shorter amount of time and with more resources," said John Peach, Kent State's director of public safety and chief of police. "By having a certified K-9 within the department, it automatically enables the police department to have mutual aid with all other police departments that have K-9s, and possibly lend the unit out to other departments in urgent need of a K-9 tracker or bomb dog."