AKRON -- In Akron, tensions between the homeless and the city are mounting.

As freezing weather sets in, some homeless just lost their belongings and the place they stay.

In recent weeks, the city of Akron has responded to concerns by business owners by removing nearby tents that homeless people lived in.

Homeless advocates say people lost their belongings, including important items such as their VA documents.

"Gone, mad, upset that's all they have, their memories could be washed away."

Lee Post was homeless himself until recently..

He now has an apartment.

He feels bad for his buddies, and the life they lead outside.

This is part of a bigger issue no one seems to be able to solve, says homeless advocate Tim Edgar - a lack of affordable housing.

"Just moving people doesn't solve the problem"

Akron's Community Support Services center offers some comfort - a place for people to wash their clothes, pick up mail, stay warm for a few hours.

The city of Akron says it's not being harsh.

A spokeswoman for Mayor Don Plusquellic says it's not safe for people to put tents up near railroad tracks, and not sanitary for them to be living using outside private property because of their trash and and human waste."

A group of homeless are planning a rally on December 12. They say they want to hold public officials accountable for their actions.

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