The Ohio Department of Transportation has a new weapon in the battle to keep roads and highways clear this winter.

It's called a tow plow and it's a marvel of technology.

Oh, and it's a giant.

With a 22-foot long plow, a 6-ton salt hopper and a 250 gallon brine tank this plow can handle just about anything the weather throws at it.

It looks like any other plow from the back but this one can clear two lanes of the highway in one pass.

It's high-tech too.

But ODOT says drivers looking to benefit from the plow's ability to clear twice as much highway need to give the giant plow a wide berth.

"It's going to be going between 35 and 40 mph so of course, if you are behind it, don't try and pass it in any way, shape or form>

Ohio currently has three of the tow plows in use including one used today in Portage County on I-76.

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