Two major pile ups along I-90 East just days apart have brought up safety concerns for some drivers.

ODOT added more construction barrels along the eastbound shoulder of I-90 Saturday and a spokeswoman says highway patrol will also be increasing their surveillance of the area to help enforce the reduced speed limit.

Some drivers seemed skeptical about making big changes.

"It's construction. It's really busy, so cars are panicked getting into one lane so it's all over the place," explained driver Tyler Cantonwine.

"It would be nice to see the barrels gone or take it down to one lane," suggested Ray Hall who drives up and down I-90 several times a week.

"It seems like every once in a while there's usually an accident or a back up or whatever but there's not enough room on the shoulder on the one side and you can always see where cars have gone in the mud and what not."

The construction project along I-90 began in the spring of 2012 and is scheduled to be complete next fall.

One ODOT spokeswoman says they are still hopeful for a few nice days of weather to complete the necessary pavement markings left so they can remove the barriers and shift traffic back to its normal configuration.

"I think if they finished up the construction and got everything out of here everybody would be a little bit more at ease driving on the roads," said Jon Crow.

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