Little did we know when the Ice Desk was created and Robin Swoboda rapped about it, that the chilly creation would cause such a stir. Viewers came to the station to have their pictures taken with it. Even Mickey Mouse stopped by!

The Ice Desk has been a social media sensation too, being tweeted and posted about by TV stations and meteorologists across the country. Our sister station in Atlanta, WXIA, created their own version of it. Cable networks like MSNBC and CNN have mentioned it on their morning news programs.

Our friends at NBC in New York showcased Rappin' Robin and the Ice Desk this morning on The Today Show. Take a look...

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And Late Night host Jimmy Kimmel even poked a little fun at us and the Ice Desk. We're good sports and enjoy a good laugh like everyone else. Enjoy Yahoo's take on Kimmel's late night bit!

Even Vanilla Ice took notice on Twitter:

But all good things must come to an end. And with the temperatures rising this weekend, the Ice Desk will start melting. You can watch the thaw live on our "melt cam" or in a time lapse via the video below.

Watch Robin's original ice desk rap:

Robin channeled her inner Vanilla Ice on the WKYC back deck. #IceIceBaby

See photos of the ice desk:

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