Many questions still loom after a ninety foot crane came crashing down on several cars parked outside Marc's in Points East Plaza in Mentor.

Ch.3 reached out to both local and federal officials on Thursday to get a better understanding of which group is in charge of overseeing safety regulations for crane projects like the aforementioned.

Mentor City Manager Kenneth Filipiak explained the shopping plaza is private property within the city limits, which means the city regulated the initial construction of buildings like Marc's but city officials do not have much say so on any follow up work like the AC/heating unit that was being installed on the roof when the crane collapse occurred.

"The city does not regulate the use of that type of equipment," said Filipiak. "It occurred on private property and it is the responsibility of the operator in this particular case... those type of work safety issues are regulated by OSHA."

Filipiak continued to explain private companies like Marc's can choose whichever contractor they want to perform construction work and those contractors ultimately have to meet OSHA guidelines.

"I think operators know what the rules are and I think this is a simple case of simple safety precautions not being taken," he said.

With all roads leading back to OSHA we checked their website to see if Buckeye Crane & Rigging, the contractor who owns the crane, had any prior citations but could find none.

We also placed several calls to Buckeye Crane and Rigging but those calls were not returned.

A spokesperson for OSHA admitted their staff cannot be everywhere at once monitoring construction projects as they are underway.

However OSHA investigators were on site after the crane collapse and are now trying to determine the exact cause.

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