Cleveland Aerial Media is trying to be innovative in the biggest way


FAIRVIEW PARK -- We all know the buzz that the drones have created lately, but a tiny business office in Fairview Park holds what could possibly be the future in the drone world.

Cleveland Aerial Media doesn't care about spying or anything negative related to the stigma of drones, or as they call them, quadcopters.

They simply are trying to be innovative in the biggest way.

From showing you the sights of Northeast Ohio that you never get to see, to giving you a 360-degree view of a house that is for sale or even showing you the erosion that is happening along the shores of Lake Erie.

Cofounders Michael Hach and Matthew Vilevac are trying to beat the trend and popularity of the drones to capitalize on what is soon to be a billion-dollar business.

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While the two are very young, they are also very ambitious. They are hoping that the services and soon-to-be products they are offering will more than just encompass Northeast Ohio.

If you would like to find out more about what they offer, visit them on Facebook ( or Twitter ( or look up AerialCleveland on Instagram.

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