AKRON -- A food fight is spilling into the streets of Akron with new legislation allowing food trucks downtown set to be introduced by two city council members Monday.

Under the new proposal food trucks will be allowed to set up shop in public spaces, but there is one big catch…a $1975 fee!

"I'm not quite sure how they're basing the fairness of these fees and how they came up with it, like do they need $1975?" questions Izzy Shachner, owner of Streat Mobile Bistro.

Shachner started with just a food truck just four years ago and now owns a restaurant in Lakewood.

"In reality owning a food truck has the same risk as owning a restaurant…but now you throw weather into the mix," Shachner reasoned. "If it makes sense I don't think any food truck is opposed to paying their fair share….I'm just not sure where they're getting their information."

The debate over allowing food trucks in Akron has been a long and heated battle between city leaders, vendors, and restaurants.

Now the sticker shock of the new proposal is not only catching vendors by surprise but potential patrons too.

"That is a high price and I don't know if it's going to benefit anybody in the long run if they have to pay that much money to even come out and do that," said Jessica Jarvis who welcomes the idea of food trucks downtown.

"I think they should look at other comparable cities and try to maybe negotiate a different fee," said Bridget Lynn, who hopes there will one day be vegan food truck options in Akron.

While most people milling about downtown Akron Sunday afternoon seem to like the idea of more vendors, some restaurant owners are concerned about the added competition.

"I think a lot of restaurant owners probably would say no to it," said Danny Basone, owner of The Lockview restaurant in downtown Akron. "I support it actually, it's something downtown Akron would definitely benefit from it would bring in more people."

The new legislation is scheduled to be introduced at Akron's City Council meeting Monday tonight.

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