There's new information today on a gruesome murder case we've been following for almost a year.

Camilia Terry, who is accused of killing her 3-year-old son, Emilliano, was in court today.

Jury selection is now underway.

Twenty-one-year-old Terry walked into a Cuyahoga County courtroom Nov. 4 for the first day of her murder trial.

Almost one year ago, in late November, Terry reported her son missing, telling police her little boy disappeared at Kossuth Park in Cleveland.

But almost immediately, police realized her story didn't add up.

For example, surveillance cameras had caught Terry alone at the park, around the same time she'd said Emilliano went missing.

According to police, before reporting her son missing, Camilia had already killed him, stuffed his body in several trash bagsand left his body in a trash bin.

Police then found Emilliano's body at the Oakwood Village trash transfer center.

His cause of death was blunt force impact the head and body.

In court, Camilia wore a blue blouse and a black skirt.

When asked by Judge Janet Burnside how she was, Terry replied: "fine, thank you" and politely answered any questions directed at her.

Also in the courtroom, about 60 possible jurors.

They will now fill out a written questionnaire as the prosecutors and defense work to determine who will sit in on this heinous and high-profile case.

Jurors were also instructed to stop watching TV.

Terry is still in prison, held on $2 million bond.

Her two other children, ages 6 and 2, are in the custody of other family members.