ELYRIA -- Investigators have found two more alleged victims in the case involving a daycare worker accused of raping children in Elyria.

Heather Koon, 25, faces life in prison if convicted on all the charges.

A grand jury has indicted both Koon and her boyfriend, James Osborne.

The indictment for Koon lists 32 different charges that range from kidnapping to rape and tampering with evidence.

For Osborne, the indictment contains 50 charges, ranging from complicity to rape and complicity to kidnapping.

To protect the identity of the victims, the indictment lists them only as JD1, JD2, MW and LM.

It will only say that they are under 13 years old.

Heather Koon is accused of raping the four children at ABC Kidz daycare in Elyria.

Lorain County Sheriff's deputies discovered video and pictures of the alleged acts back in September when they went to Koon's home and seized the computer belonging to Osborne, a convicted sex offender.

Prosecutors say they were able to identify two victims from the pictures and, later, another two victims from the video.

ABC Kidz didn't want to comment on the indictments.

Prosecutors say this is an on-going investigation. They are still looking into other day care centers where Koon worked.

Both Koon and Osborne are scheduled for an arraignment on Thursday.

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