WILLOUGHBY -- Police are looking for the identity of possibly two or more suspects who broke into a home on Colonial Boulevard on Saturday.

Sometime between 10 a.m.and 1 a.m. Saturday, several unknown persons broke into the house while the residents were not home.

When the residents came home, they found their belongings trashed throughout the house. The residents called police to make a report.

Police said the suspects had left the house before the owners came home. The owners reported numerous pieces of valuable jewelry stolen.

Poliec are requesting any information that could lead to the identity and eventual arrests of the suspects.

If anyone can recall seeing any unusual people walking in the Colonial Boulevard and Forest Drive/Edgewood Lane area on Saturday, or any vehicles parked in that area in that past several weeks that were not recognized as the neighbors' cars, please contact the Willoughby Police Department's Detective Bureau at 440-953-4210.

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