AKRON -- An Akron man who was found guilty of murdering his cousin has been sentenced to life by Judge Thomas Parker, according to the Summit County prosecutor's office.

Randy A. Thomas, 21, was convicted of the murder charge, which includes a firearms specification, Tuesday.

According to Akron police, Thomas is accused of fatally shooting Anthony Smith, 21, outside a residence in the 1300 block of Eighth Avenue in April.

Smith later died at Akron City Hospital from a gunshot to the chest.

According to the prosecutor's office, Thomas had arrived at his grandmother's home on Seventh Avenue when he found Smith outside.

The two began arguing and agreed to drive their cars to Eighth Avenue to fight. Instead of fighting, Thomas shot Smith three times, killing him, according to the prosecutor.

Witnesses were able to identify Thomas as the person who was arguing with Smith before the shooting. Thomas was also identified as having driven a vehicle seen leaving the scene immediately after the shooting. Thomas' fingerprint and gunshot residue were found on the vehicle's steering wheel.

Thomas will be eligible for parole after serving 19 years.

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