STRONGSVILLE, Ohio -- The teachers strike in Strongsville City Schools has been a hot-button issue for our viewers all weekend long.

Many have turned to theWKYC Facebook page Sunday to offer their opinions on the matter.

Here's a sampling from the many comments we received prior to the Strongsville Education Association's vote in favor of a work stoppage Sunday evening:

Deanna: Do you really care about the education of the children or, at least, having a job and benefits?

Ted: If they care about giving their children a good education they should not go on strike. If they care about nothing but money they may go ahead!

Mark: They want more and more. Some of have not had a raise in years and have also had to take pay cuts. Have u gotten ur most recent water and sewer bills?? huge increase. You can not continue to go to the people who pay your wages and ask for more and more when they do not have it. For the sake of the students work it out and get back in the classrooms.

Jeff: Fire them and hire new teachers that wanna work.

Susie: It not going to do any good to strike.

Bill: I'm not a teacher. I work for a bank. I generally support teachers because they've been left with a task that many parents have refused to take upon themselves. When teachers strike they do not get paid. The union offers them a loan to help them provide for their families. Yes a loan that must be re-paid. I don't begrudge the teachers at all. Why do we always blame the teachers for everything?

Roseanne: I live in Strongsville, the kids are the ones suffering, this has put stress on them. Some if the teachers behavior during this has been deplorable.

Kevin: There's always two sides to the story, but for the sake of the children's education, don't strike!

Miriam: I am also a Strongsville parent. While I've heard some unsettling stories about certain teachers' behavior, I must say that my kids' teachers have acted with professionalism and consideration to my children and to me.

Leo: Average teacher makes 25,000.00 get weekends off all holidays including 2 weeks for Xmas and New Years then what a week off for spring break 3 months off for summer break .. Fire them hire new someone would love to have their jobs making that money and all that time off in a year.. So cry me a river teachers and their unions boo freaking wooo.

Ernie: where`s the money supposed to come from.. it`s shameful to watch them fight for a bigger piece of a dwindling pie.

Zak: I think every teacher who goes on strike should get fired. they should expect to get paid like everyone else. if the company they work for, in this case the school district, doesn't have enough money to pay them, then they take a pay cut or they get laid off. they have no right to skip work.

Amber: For those who clearly don't understand how a teacher's salary works. They get paid only for their contracted days (typically 180 a year). They do not get paid for their "time off" and most school boards agree to pay their salary over a 12 month period. Most teachers have 6-8 years of education (masters degrees/doctorates) beyond high school. Any other profession that requires this level of education gets paid at a much higher rate. The bottom line is that education (not just teachers) is extremely undervalued and underappreciated in our society, regardless of teachers striking or not.

Michael: You think you can do better as a teacher? Do it. Pay for supplies out of your own pocket. Deal with more and more kids per class. Teachers do so much for so little you should be ashamed. This anti-union attitude will come back to bite not just you, but the next generation of workers (read YOUR KIDS) in the posterior. [Note: I am not a teacher, nor a union member, but I thank teachers for showing me how to think critically.]

Julie: I hope they do go on strike and I hope the school board responds by firing every one of their spoiled, pampered butts. There are tons of substitute teachers that would be grateful for, and would gladly accept, a full time job with the same compensation that the Strongsville teachers are saying are unfair. The concessions the board is asking them to make are the same exact concessions many of us are that are in non union jobs are being asked to make. Welcome to the real world.

Barb: I'm torn on this one. .. Our teachers must be compensated as their responsibilities include so much more than teaching from a book. However, if I read the proposal correctly. .. base salary of $38, 013 is based on 186 days of work. A full time employee in the business sector receives this salary based on 260 days. Insurance premiums are far better than what I pay per month. Times are tough and we all have felt the economic results. We have all had to tighten or belts. On the flip side, I do not want to see our kids suffer. I don't see a problem using substitute teachers if it comes to that. They have been good enough to fill absences. Very sad situation.

Karen: Teachers spend not only more time with your children they also spend part of their hard earned pay checks purchasing stuff for the students. I'm related to one of the Strongsville teachers and she has at least 10 boxes of books for the kids to pick from for reading time. She also spends her hard earned money on other items needed such as pencils, paper etc. Support the teachers so they make sure they are able to properly educate the children.

Heidi: If they REALLY cared about the kids they would realize that the US is in a heap of trouble - be glad you have a decent paying job and go to work!

Stacy: It's amazing to me, this passionate outpouring against teachers making livable wages. How dare they, with their Master's degrees, demand to be paid their worth? In Strongsville, a school district of "Academically Distinguished". Where is all this outrage when professional athletes make millions to play a sport? Priorities out of whack?!!! Incredibly sad - this is why the USA has fallen further and further behind in the world.