Solon, OHIO – Justin Bachman is wise beyond his years.

"Whenever anyone looks at me with a quizzical face I don't see it as something bad I see it as an opportunity to educate another person," said Bachman.

The Solon Junior was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome in the 7th grade. And while he has seen his share of stares and discrimination, he has taken those challenges and made them into an opportunity to help others.

In an effort to educate people, Bachman created a "Tolerance fair."

"The tolerance fair has three main goals. To show people the differences people have in their community. To get them involved with community service and to give them a resource for a problem or challenge they might be struggling with," said Bachman.

Last year about 3,000 people attended the tolerance fair, that features local charities and advocacy groups that help people experiencing discrimination or intolerance.

He is hoping to nearly double the attendance next year.

"There is no way to describe in words the joy you can bring to another person by educating themselves," said Bachman.

Bachman was recently recognized for his efforts to educate others. He was named one of the first winners of the Peace First prize.

Justin received a 2-year, $50,000 fellowship for his peacemaking work.

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