AKRON -- Last week, Dr. David Spondike was placed on administrative leave with pay from the Akron School District as it investigated racial slurs placed on his Facebook page after kids supposedly urinated in front of his house while they were trick-or-treating.

The veteran music teacher made a public statement on YouTube last week, and since then there have been six videos posted. The first video featured Timothy Herron, who is friends with Spondike, revealing the person who takes the blame for the FB posting.

The young man featured in the video who takes the blame for the posting is identified as Herron's son. Several times the young man uses racial slurs in the videos.

The videos include claims that the media did not try to get Spondike's side of the story before airing the stories last week. Channel 3 went to his home last week for comment, and no one came to the door.

We went to his house again today, since he has been so vocal on YouTube. He came out of the garage, and when Channel 3 education reporter Kim Wheeler asked him for a comment, Spondike said, "I have a meeting to get to." He did not come out again while Channel 3 News was there.

We have also looked into Timothy Herron, who is featured in the videos. He has had several civil court cases filed against him in Lake County related to housing violations.

Channel 3's Chris Tye visited Herron's home, where his son who claims to have authored the Facebook post answered the door. He said neither he nor his father are interested in commenting.