CLEVELAND -- New education standards called the Common Core are sparking heated debate in Ohio and across the country. Ohio adopted the standards in 2010, but there is an effort to repeal any effort to adhere to Common Core in Ohio.

Wednesday in Columbus there is a hearing and anti-Common Core people are expected to show up in force. Many opponents believe this is the federal government over-reaching, even trying to track children.

"I don't like it. They will track your religion, your sexuality, not just your academics," says Parent Jen Joslin. She says she got her information on the internet.

In Parma, a new math curriculum is aligned to Common Core. A petition has been signed by 1,000 students and teachers, saying it is too hard for kids to learn.

Common Core is supposed to boost the rigor for students and prepare them better for college after high school.

"The state adopted the Common Core and it is tougher, " says Parma Superintendent Jeff Graham.

Channel 3 called the Ohio Department of Education about the concerns over Common Core. "There is a lot of misinformation out there. These are guidelines and it is still up to districts, " says ODE Spokesman John Charlton.

Ohio Department of Education Common Core Standards for Ohio