CLEVELAND -- A special needs student says she's been the subject of bullying for more than a year now, and now her family has filed assault charges.

Since she was young, Michelle Mills has had speech therapy, but that hasn't stopped the hurtful comments.

Michelle is a seventh-grader at William Cullen Bryant in Cleveland.

She's been there since kindergarten but says since last school year, it's been a nightmare.

Michelle says there have been cyber threats, name-calling and even a physical attack that even ended up with a teacher being punched by a student last week.

Michelle is a special needs student, who has needed speech therapy over the years. Her speech proglem is barely noticeable now, but she is still teased.

"When I pronounce a word the wrong way, they make fun of me," says Michelle. Last week, she says two girls attacked her and pulled her hair from her scalp, punched her and even punched a teacher.

Michelle tried to fight back and was suspended for five days. Her family has filed assault charges and hopes the other girls are expelled.

Cleveland Schools and Cleveland police are investigating.

Michelle says to other students being bullied: "Don't give up you are not alone."