CLEVELAND -- We have been digging through hundreds of inspection reports on local schools and have found violations ranging from dirty conditions to unsafe food to even an alligator in a school.

We have looked at inspection reports on public, private and parochial schools over the past four months. We've seen everything from unsanitary conditions, mold and insects to food kept at unsafe temperatures. It is all food for thought.

We requested the inspection reports from the Cuyahoga County Board of Health. They inspect schools twice a year.

"I think overall schools are very safe places to be for our kids," says Matt Johnson from the Cuyahoga County Board of Health.

The most serious violations are "critical" violations. Usually schools are cited for unsanitary conditions, food kept at unsafe temperatures or employees handling food without gloves.

In the latest reports we looked at schools in North Olmsted, Mayfield, Berea, Bedford, Bay Village and Lyndhurst.

We attempted to get in touch with the Cleveland Catholic Diocese spokesperson Monday, when our report aired. We did hear back the following day. The Diocese says St. Brendan School received a violation-free inspection in November. November was not included in the documents we received from the Cuyahoga County Health Department.

Also, Bedford High School says it has addressed the issues of dangerous chemicals left out on a lab bench in a chemistry room. The spokesperson says the high school reports that those chemicals have been stored away.

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