AKRON -- A Firestone High School music teacher who admitted to putting a racist rant on his Facebook page has been fired.

The Akron school board made the decision Monday night to terminate the contract of Firestone High School music teacher David Spondike.

"We will not tolerate certain behavior from our professionals, teachers and administrators -- people that represent the Akron Public Schools," said Akron school board member the Rev. Dr. Curtis T. Walker Sr.

"It was a difficult decision, but it was the right decision. And it was unanimous," he said.

"The thing that bothers me, how can you have these thoughts or make them known in a public forum, when we have such large African American populations at Firestone High School?" asked Akron Schools Superintendent David James.

Spondike posted the comments in response to kids supposedly urinating in front of his house while trick-or-treating.

Spondike initially denied writing the post, placing the blame on a friend's son, who is black.

He later changed his story, writing in a letter that he took full responsibility for the comments.

Channel 3 reached out to Spondike Monday night to see if he plans on fighting the board's decision, but he did not return our phone calls.

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