Superintendents often say one of their hardest calls is when to close school for weather. It can become a heated issue among parents.

This week, with dangerous wind chills and many kids walking two miles each way to school, schools are closing to keep kids safe.

In Ohio, we have five "calamity" days before students have to make up the time before the end of the school year.

But two years ago, a law was passed allowing districts to offer classes online up to three days a year or send home "blizzard bags" with printed out homework for students.

The idea is that schools can count those as school days if the students are doing school work.

Some area schools are already providing those lessons. We found a family in North Olmsted with a child in a parochial school. They have two days worth of assignments for the snow days.

"My son was not happy that he had homework on snow days," says parent Amanda McGraw.

Not all districts are doing this. Many superintendents believe this is not the same as having a teacher in front of a class. Districts need to decide at the beginning of the year.

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