All public schools in Cleveland are now searchable through a new website database, helping families research which schools are right for them.


CLEVELAND -- The Cleveland Transformation Alliance and Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson lifted the curtain Tuesday on a new report card database, detailing information on every public school in the city.

The new program, powered by a new interactive, searchable website, is a key piece of the alliance's "Choose Your School!" citywide outreach campaign. It allows Cleveland families to research detailed information about special programs, features, state academic ratings, enrollment information and more at each school.

Families can use the site as a resource to decide which schools they want their children to attend.

"With a growing number of innovative school models and charter school options available to families, our goal through this program is to make the community aware of all public school options across the city," said Cleveland Transformation Alliance Executive Director Megan O'Bryan.

You can find the new website at Just click on "Choose Your School" at the top of the page to start your search.

The Cleveland Transformation Alliance is a major component and advocate of "The Cleveland Plan," a citywide plan for reshaping education in the City of Cleveland.

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