RICHMOND HEIGHTS -- We went digging into Richmond Heights school district records today after two top officials were indicted for extortion, bribery and theft in office.

Major questions are being raised over the district's bookkeeping and deficits in the millions.

An interim treasurer presented a fiscal forecast about a month ago -- it painted a grim picture. Back in May of 2013, another treasurer predicted balanced budgets through 2017, but February's forecast projected a $1.5 million deficit for 2013-2014 and a $9.6 million deficit for 2017-2018.

That interim treasurer also said this: "I encountered some nonstandard fiscal practices. The most significant nonstandard practice was not to record all binding obligations on the books in a timely fashion."

Dan Wilson went on to say that there has been a trend of the district spending more money than it has and predicted fiscal watch or emergency.

This budget forecast came after the longtime Richmond Heights treasurer was removed by the board amid controversy.

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