AKRON -- Their plan is in place.

Akron Public School officials have revealed how they plan to make up the extra calamity days taken this school year due to Mother Nature's wicked winter attitude.

To date, Akron Public Schools have accumulated eight calamity days, while one school in the district, Bridges, has taken nine.

At this time, the calamity day schedule is as follows:

  • Bridges will extend the school year through Wednesday, June 11 (adding classes for Friday, June 6 through Wednesday, June 11).
  • The remainder of the Akron Public Schools will extend through Tuesday, June 10 (adding classes for Friday, June 6 through Tuesday, June 10).

This schedule could be extended pending any additional calamity days.

State law permits schools five calamity days per school year. Earlier this week, state lawmakers put together a plan on how to provide additional calamity days to Ohio districts. See the breakdown of how this bill works HERE.

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