Kids in classes don't just sit in their desks anymore. The new era of teaching begins


MENTOR -- Sometimes it is hard for teachers to keep the attention of the XBox generation -- but the Mentor Schools may have found the answer.

In some classes, kids can sit on the floor, do math problems on the wall -- and even listen to music in class.

"We have to be relevant to kids to keep their attention," says Ridge Middle School Principal Megan Kinsey.

Students at Ridge use iPads in class, work in small groups and have rollers on their desks so they can move around class.

"We have to adapt and change like other schools or we will cease to exist," says Mentor Superintendent Matt Miller. He hopes to add more technology like this to schools throughout the district.

Ridge Middle School even has a classroom where kids can sit on the floor with teachers on pillows and write on the walls or floors. Teachers have found that kids learn more when they are working with their hands and in small groups.

The Mentor Schools has also been nationally recognized for their use of technology. That technology has been paid for with casino dollars and using some textbook funds for technology.

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