For a while there, I thought it was a sure sign of the apocalypse that the Miley Cyrus costume she wore at the VMAs was going to be the top Halloween costume for 2013. Now, according to Yahoo, that is not so, not even in the "celebrity" category.

According to Yahoo, the top "buzzing" costumes the past week have been Raggedy Ann first, followed by Robin, then Batman, Sugar Skull and Duck Dynasty (all characters). Zombies came in 17th, Breaking Bad characters were at 19th and the generic skeleton was 20th.

In the searches for Top Celebrity/Pop Culture-related costumes searched in the past seven days, Cyrus didn't even make the Top 5, coming in 8th on the list. Leading that list was Duck Dynasty, followed by Walter White, Breaking Bad, Katniss, Michael Myers, zombies and minions.

Minions!!!! Minions!! I LOVE minions!!! But I digress.

I do understand that to wear the Miley Cyrus costume effectively would require a certain physique so you didn't look ridiculous. No one that I know would wear that costume, although some of the men I know would look dashing in Robin Thicke's Beetlejuice outfit, sans the face make-up.

Know that I went to a Halloween party over the weekend and the theme was "Steampunk." (Look it up) While half of the people attending wore costumes, the other half wore regular clothes.

I did not wear a costume but two people passed by me and said "nice costume." What does that say about my usual wardrobe? The same thing happened back on Halloween in 1996 when a then-Chagrin Falls police sergeant took a picture of me in my "costume," which was my regular clothes.

Actually, I would prefer Batman at my front door this Halloween. I did carve my pumpkin this year as a bat signal and I have lit it every night since Saturday. I will even be lenient and accommodating and leave the bat signal on through the weekend. I know he is fighting crime and polishing the Batmobile so I may not be #1 on his list but will gladly wait as #4 on his list. I am fairly patient...for now.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!