CUYAHOGA FALLS -- Camping out for hot deals on Black Friday has become a holiday tradition for some local families.

In fact several people have already pitched tents outside the Chapel Hill Best Buy in Cuyahoga Falls ready to brave the elements for the next week.

After 11 straight years of Black Friday camping it's fair to call Tony Avitar a pro.

A sound engineer by day, Avitar says he looks forward to the deals each year.

"Originally I started because you know I have five kids and when you're on a limited income, or even not a limited income, you want to be able to get them nice presents instead of getting them like some crappy toy, Avitar explained.

"Then it kind of became a family tradition my kids started coming down and it became a bonding experience with me and the kids," he continued.

Avitar calls the annual bonding experience he now shares with his family priceless.

"We'll have like Thanksgiving dinner in here we'll have a turkey brought down and they'll come down and we'll just have a good family time of it,"said Avitar.

Sentiments also shared by Jonas Allooh, who was the first to pitch his tent at 5pm Monday.

"I guess it takes all kinds right? I like to think of it as a type of urban camping," said Allooh.

If nothing else it's certainly a change of pace for Allooh, a doctor of audiology, who is holding down his fort in shifts with other friends who still report to work by day.

"We'll hang out share food and share stories and just try to make a good time of it."