MADISON -- Some say you should strike when the iron is hot. But not these guys.

The harvest is on at Chalet Debonne Vineyard. The temperature needs to be just right to start grabbing grapes. Crews have been working since 4 am. Thursday.

They like to pick them when they're frozen, usually around 17 degrees.

2013 was a good year for Vidal Blanc grapes.

After picking, the frozen orbs of sweetness go to the press room. The juice will flow from two presses over the next several days.

When they press them, they really press out pure sugar and flavor, and that makes for a wine that's extremely concentrated, flavorful, and intense.

Ice wine is very rich and best enjoyed a little at a time.

It's just like you don't eat a whole pie or a whole half gallon of ice cream. Most of the time, you don't usually drink a whole bottle of ice wine, although you can.

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