CLEVELAND – In 2014, LeBron James will be a free agent. It's the first opportunity for him to leave the Miami Heat since he made "the Decision" to "take his talents to South Beach."

While that decision led some Cleveland Cavaliers fans to write off the now two-time NBA Champion, one grassroots effort is trying to lure the four time MVP back to the place he calls home.

"We realize LeBron had a point, You know he didn't have the supporting cast and he wanted to win," said Josh Raggi, with "Come Home LeBron."

The group of Akron residents passed out 2,500 bright green t-shirts when the Cavs hosted the heat in November. They plan on passing out 10,000 more t-shirts when the two teams meet again in March.

They are hoping for a sea of lime green, but know there may be a few ripples in that sea.

"If you are going to hate him, you aren't going to overcome that, but we want championships in Cleveland," said Raggi.

LeBron said he is flattered but not ready to talk about free agency.

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