Cleveland ranks 8th in philanthropic giving in national study. New trend emerging of generations working together to choose projects -- and passions -- to fund.


RUSSELL TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- This year Cleveland ranked 8th in a nation-wide study of philanthropic giving. And our reputation for supporting cultural and community organizations has been strong for decades. But now a new trend has emerged as generations are working together to choose projects and passions to fund.

The Grover family has come together for the holidays. But more than just sharing memories is happening at the dining room table. A year ago their father, Jeff Grover, set up their own family fund to give back to Northeast Ohio. Each year the Grovers will now select the organizations that they, as a family, want to support. For help in making this happen, Jeff turned to the Cleveland Foundation.

"It is an opportunity to use the foundation's community reach and for our purposes create an annual giving opportunity to distribute money to as many of the entities that these children of mine, it's their choice, choose to do hopefully as long as they are together for many, many years" said Jeff Grover.

"This gives use the opportunity to really kind of collaborate... to put our heads together to really do good for our community" said Jeremy Grover, Jeff's son.

"I think that this is what it is all about is family. I mean from my great grand parents on, you learn how to give back to the community and I'm so excited that this foundation is were we can get together as siblings and really figure out what is important to us and give back to Cleveland" said Andrew Grover, Jeff 's son.

This will be the first season the Grover's fund will offer financial support, and the recipients are excited. But as the family will tell you, the biggest impact has been on them.

"I understand that my father, he won't live forever but he will still be with us even when he is long gone because we still have him, knowing that he wanted us to give back to the community. I think we will instill that into our children and their children" said Brian Grover, Jeff's son.

"I think what is important to me is growing aware of the community organizations in Cleveland. After moving away it is nice to keep my home strong. And I think in college I have seen the benefits of such community organizations here" said Meghan Grover, Jeff's daughter.

"What we are seeing now is a generation of millennials who are especially interested in giving back to their community and their parents are embracing this and trying to find ways to make this happen. We work with families, we work with individuals to find out what their charitable goals are. What is their passion" said Kaye Ridolfi, Senior VP of Advancement for the Cleveland Foundation.

Cleveland is a community where people give of their time, their talent and their dollars when possible. As this next generation begins their careers and lives here in Northeast Ohio, they are looking to make an impact, to make a difference, to See the Possible.

"I've just watch my family do it my whole life. It's inspiring" said Meghan.

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